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Girls just wanna have guns.

Males are almost always the perpetrators of mass shootings. But females are fully capable of shocking acts of violence and, in the US, military-style weapons are as easy to access as a new hairstyle.

Project XX is a biting satire of the American obsession with violent destruction in the midst of rampant materialism. The darkly humorous story of girls on a rampage will grip you by the throat and not let go until you gasp for breath on the last page.

Crime & Mystery
Length: 231 pp.
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 15-Sep-2017
Subject: Crime & mystery
Digital copies: Amazon
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"Fans of Bret Easton Ellis and Joy Williams will appreciate the graphic reality of Corrigan's work."

"With dark humor and a voice you can't help but fall for, Project XX is a page-turning, powerful story that examines female rage, identity, and societal expectations in an authentic and unforgettable way. It's Heathers meets Fight Club. It's unputdownable. It's a must-read!"

~Brenda A. Ferber, author of Julia's Kitchen

"Corrigan pulls no punches in this edgy, satirical novel about Aimee, a troubled high school girl shattered by societal pressure, filled with rage, and driven to commit the ultimate heinous act. Told from Aimee's point of view, the surprise ending will seep into your thoughts and haunt you. Riveting, absurdly funny, and scary as hell. Fear the girl next door."

~Debbie Reed Fischer, author of Braless in Wonderland

"Charting Heller’s derailing, beginning with her befriending Skitchen Sturter, AKA H8er, a panhandling girl in the Florida wetlands, Mickey J. Corrigan satirises the American obsession with violence and consumerism by upending familiar narratives about mass shootings and teenage female friendship. It is just as easy for these girls on the rampage to access military weapons as it is a new pair of Charlie skinny jeans. Project XX is a blackly comic tale with compelling central characters, and an enticing pulp tone."

~Antonia Charlesworth, Big Issue North

"For many readers, chick lit is like a comfy, well-worn security blanket. When you've had a long day and you just need to relax and unwind, it's familiar and undemanding. You might even find it comforting to curl up with a story about familiar characters working their way through formulaic romantic conundrums. But author Mickey J. Corrigan spices up the same old short romance with a fun pulp fiction twist...quite possibly the best short e-book I've read in years."

~Nights and Weekends

"Mickey J. Corrigan is a brilliant writer. I love her easy way with words, and the fact that her characters aren't politically correct is admirable."

~Fiction Adventure

"Readers may feel the self-cutting edge and grit of Brit Easton Ellis in Corrigan's work. Her characters aren't shiny. They don't wave magic wands. They don't live forever. They are brutally mortal and heart-wrenchingly human. [She] holds up a mirror and poses some rather poignant questions on how we interact with each other as a society."


"I've only read three of her books and she is HILARIOUS! I know I will be highly entertained by her shenanigans."

~Smardy Pants Book Blog

"One of the best things about being a reviewer for Romance Junkies is the vast number of new-to-me authors that I get to read. There is nothing more thrilling to me than finding a writer whose work I can instantly fall in love with. Mickey J. Corrigan is one of those authors for me."

~Romance Junkies

"I'll read anything by Ms. Corrigan. All her short pieces I have read were vastly different, but no less entertaining."

~Hearts on Fire Reviews

"Mickey J. Corrigan has a fabulous writing style that keeps the reader wanting more..."

~Turner's Antics

"(Her book) reminded me a lot of Jackie Collins' earlier works, which I found quite enjoyable."

~Primrose Musings

"Mickey J. Corrigan's work isn't so much a contemporary romance as a sexy thriller. This is a writer who isn't so much interested in the 'nice' side of life, her characters tend to walk on the wild side and on the darker side of romance. But her stories are oh-so-compulsive all the same. Judging by her name, the author seems to be Irish American. Well, that being the case, she's definitely inherited the Irish trait for telling a rattling good yarn."

~Contemporary Romance Reviews

"I don't usually review contemporary romance; I don't read a lot of them, and it takes a lot for a contemporary to blow me away. But when the author of one of my favorite novellas of 2012 (Dream Job) approached me with her latest, Professional Grievers, I decided to give it a whirl. I'm thrilled to say it was awesome. True to my previous experiences with Corrigan's stories I got an engaging and unique experience. The harsh reality of death mixed with whimsical eroticism may seem an odd pairing, but the way Corrigan tells the tale you can't help but sit up and pay attention. The bizarre, yet, believable characters and situations makes for a great read."

~Paranormal Romance Reviews

"Like all of the other ebooks by Mickey J. Corrigan I have read so far, I have quite enjoyed this one. I admit that Mickey is one of my favourite authors and I can't wait to read more of her books."

~Geeky Girl Reviews

"Mickey J. Corrigan has a knack for storytelling that I've not found in many other authors even though I have favorites. I really do enjoy her style of storytelling, whether it's fifty pages or two hundred pages. The story is intriguing, compelling, and unique. The characters are original, raw, flawed, and compelling. Definitely look forward to more work from this author in the future."

~ Angie aka Reading Machine

"This story reminds me of something you would see on the The Twilight Zone...If you are looking for something totally different in a love story, this is the book for you.

~Love Romance Passion

"Mickey J. Corrigan writes romance fiction which is really hard to categorize at times. She writes romance, but it's not your champagne and flowers type of romance complete with a playboy prince to romance you with a background score of lush violins. Your hero could be an ex-con who is out on parole. Instead of champagne, it's a small whiskey with a beer chaser and hey, where are my roses? And the sex? It's strictly down market. Cheap hotels which rent rooms by the hour. If you're lucky. Otherwise, you may find yourself making out by the dustbins down a back alley somewhere, shoulder to shoulder with a couple of alley cats howling instead of the violins. Gross? Your words, should you choose to think that way, not mine, baby. But do you know what? I freaking love her stories. They're real, that's why. Real and human and yeah, unputdownable. Mickey J. Tells it like it is, no frills, no flounces, just in your face. And that writing voice? Unbe-freaking-lievable. The woman is a born storyteller. That's an Irish trait, mind. And I knew she had Irish blood in her the minute I started reading her. I just knew it...The one thing which strikes me about this author is that she has a woman's voice – but she writes like a man."

~Contemporary Romance Reviews

"It's official. I am in love with Mickey J. Corrigan. Her writing style is all her own and I cannot get enough of it. I love when she pulls me away from my life and shows me a dirty and different world like the towns she has created in South Florida. She gives me characters I shouldn't like with personalities no one would find endearing and makes me want to sit down and have a drink with them... There is no sugarcoating in a MJC book. Life is tough, but life is still good."

~For the Love of Books and Alcohol

"I have become a HUGE fan of short stories and novellas. This is the perfect quick read that I could not put down...Mickey manages to make me laugh, smile, shake my head, and want more."

~A Novel Review

"In this dark, gritty story of desperation and survival Mickey J. Corrigan doesn't pull any punches. Sugar Babies is addicting, powerful and will leave a reader forever changed after reading it. While exploring the sugar world, some things are perhaps inevitable: the objectification of women, their willingness to let someone else take control of their lives and the way they are shown as absolutely defined by the men in their lives. Perhaps it is necessary, that doesn't make it any less upsetting...Before picking up this book, a reader needs to know this is NOT a romance. The view of love and marriage is downright depressing. And, yet...the novel is fascinating and simply dares one to follow its twisted paths, then leaves haunting thoughts: What is true? What is good and what is wrong? Who is the villain and who the hero? Does it matter?"

~ InD'Tale Magazine

"When I read Whiskey Sour Noir, I knew she was going to be an auto-buy author for me. She writes gritty, edgy heroines and you know I love flawed characters, non-traditional relationships, and stories that break the rules. They'll make you slightly uncomfortable, but the words flow across the page so well, you can't stop reading."

~ KyAnn Waters Book Reviews


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